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We strive to treat all our clients as if they were a part of our family. We are one family, one unit, battling for our clients to win them benefits. We know what you are going through, and our family is ready to fight for yours. Let us be the port in the storm for you until we can bring you the justice you deserve.

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This was a horrific accident which happened while our clients were traveling back to Florida from Georgia following a joyful visit to their grandson. Both clients sustained devastating injuries but, sadly, the mother did not survive her injuries. Although extensive litigation was involved, we were able to resolve this case favorably for the client and give her some closure within less than two years. While no amount of money will make up for this tragic loss, this client is one of many through the years that considers Lynn Gibbons her angel and she will be forever grateful to Ms. Gibbons for all that she did for her. The two stay in close contact to this day.

It was bundantly clear to the jury that Lynn Gibbons was a one-of-a-kind lawyer who came to the client's bedside at the ER at Tampa General Hospital where she was essentially abandoned by the workers compensation carrier and fought the insurance company to get her transferred to an assistive living facility until her shoulder surgery was scheduled. The jury recognized the special relationship between Ms. Gibbons and this client and awarded the client more damages as a result of the credibility and authenticity of the attorney-client relationship. Ms. Gibbons also secured professional attendant care for this injured worker and got the carrier to pay this special client permanent total disability benefits. Eventually, Ms. Gibbons was able to settle the workers compensation portion of this case for over $1,000,000.00 and she also secured waiver of the third party lien on this case, maximizing the amount this very special lady took home in her pocket.

Although this accident did not occur within the State of Florida, attorney E. Lynn Gibbons found the perfect co-counsel in Tennessee to assist with this complicated traffic accident case. This beautiful young woman was working doing marketing near an intersection in Nashville when a careless driver caused a violent T-Bone collision that sent the other vehicle careening into her body. She suffered terrible injuries that caused her to be hospitalized for several weeks, to endure multiple surgeries and more pain and suffering than anyone should have to go through. Ms. Gibbons was incredibly pleased that she could assist this young client as she recovered from this terrible, unexpected accident which upended her life, physically emotionally and financially. More importantly, the financial recovery was attained within less than a year from the date of the crash, which allowed the client to turn the page and move on with her life. Ms. Gibbons is thrilled to see that she is enjoying her life and living it to the fullest now that this case is closed and behind her.

43 year old delivery driver accepted as permanently and totally disabled from post-traumatic cervical dystonia.

34 year old independent contractor fell from a roof sustaining complex ankle fracture with subsequent bone infection requiring multiple surgeries.

Garbage truck driver for 40 years was rear-ended by a cement truck traveling 40mph. His injuries were so severe that he elected to undergo both neck and shoulder surgeries in the year following the accident.  Worker’s Compensation denied payment of his medical bills and Katelynn Gibbons won a bench trial with the JCC ordering payment of over $150,000 in medical bills and lost wages on top of the $800,000 third-party settlement.


This client retained one of those law firms who spend a lot of money on television ads, but they did nothing for him for over 5 months. He signed our firm and we had his case resolved for all of the available policy limits within 3 MONTHS! He sustained a tear in his knee in the accident and had to have a knee surgery. He also sustained disc herniations in his back and had to have a lumbar decompression surgery. He was thankful he found Jorgensen Gibbons, P.A. where we walked he and his wife through everything and got his case resolved quickly.


This client retained a firm that advertises heavily, claiming that they are better because they are bigger. Unfortunately, they did nothing on his case for the 5 months they had it. He made the switch and we were able to get his case settled for the policy limits in just over 2 months! He sustained disc herniations in his neck and back as a result of the accident and after chiropractic care failed to relieve his symptoms, he had to have a cervical fusion surgery. The big box firm did nothing to help him with his comp claim and by the time he came to us he had over 5 months of unpaid lost wages and did not have an authorized doctor to treat his injuries. Attorneys Lynn and Katie Gibbons teamed up and traveled to Melbourne for three final evidentiary hearing and won his case for him. He was awarded over $63,000 in back lost wages and the Employer/Carrier was ordered to pay him ongoing wages and to authorize a doctor to treat him. The judge ordered the Employer to pay most of his past medical expenses as well. When his treatment was through, the workers compensation carrier settled with this client and agreed to waive their substantial lien on his personal injury claim as part of the deal.

37 year old married mother of 2 minor children slipped and fell in water leaking from a display case and suffered herniated disc in her neck which required surgery.


Our client never expected a financial recovery from her trip and fall in a major grocery chain’s parking lot. She fractured her hip and femur and had to have emergency surgery. We were able to resolve the claim for her quickly and to her satisfaction.

This 66 year old nurse injured at the Hillsborough County Jail settled the workers compensation portion of her claim which included waiver of the workers compensation insurance carrier's lien against the jury verdict obtained from Jail's food service vendor.

55 year old home improvement store clerk sustained a traumatic brain injury and resultant psychiatric condition as a result of a 15 foot fall. After protracted litigation, he won permanent total disability benefits in 1999 and has been receiving those benefits with an annual increase ever since. He settled his workers compensation because he wanted to make sure that he provided for his family with the proceeds.

Our client suffered serious injuries to his neck, back, shoulder and knees in a very bad collision caused by a delivery driver. He had to undergo a disc replacement surgery on his neck. Although this case was litigated for quite some time, we settled the matter before trial and within 16 months from the date we were hired to represent this client.


As often happens in MVA vs bicyclist crashes, the police issued a citation to our client after this tragic accident occurred at an intersection in Miami. However, our client was so badly injured that he was in the hospital for 3 weeks and suffered multiple fractures in his spine, ribs and scapula. We gathered the medical records and bills quickly and got his settlement demand in the hands of the adjuster within weeks of signing. Given the comparative negligence in this case, the client was very happy with the outcome. Since he was cited, he did not think he could make a financial recovery for his injuries. We fought hard for him, just as we would for a member of our own family, and made it happen.


Following this serious impact accident with airbag deployment which resulted in a total loss to my client’s F-250, my client discovered that he sustained multiple disc herniations in his neck and back as a result of the accident. He tried therapy, but that did not improve his pain. He ended up having to undergo a lumbar fusion surgery and had complications from that surgery which resulted in a hospitalization. Although we had to litigate this case to reach a satisfactory conclusion, we were able to do so quickly and resolve the claim before a great deal of litigation costs were incurred.


This client was T-boned by the defendant vehicle and sent to the Emergency room with his sister and her three children who were passengers in his car. He was admitted for 4 days with fractured ribs, as well as fractures in his clavicle, tailbone and a pelvis. He had to have some injections in his back after his fractures began to heal to get back to his normal life. We also settled his sister and her children’s cases at the same time.

63 year old assistant sales manager suffered injury to his left hand from a fall at work which resulted in reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD). She was declared permanently and totally disabled by the Court after protracted litigation.

This young lady sustained a fracture in her spine in a terrible crash at high speeds on an interstate in Florida. She had to go through months of physical therapy and needed modification to her work station in order to keep going. She was thrilled with the outcome of her case as it will enable her to afford the co-payments for her therapy going forward.

51 year old bar patron tripped and fell sustaining ankle fracture which required multiple surgeries.


Our client was tragically injured in a construction accident in 2008. We fought to win him medical benefits and permanent total disability benefits and he was collecting those benefits for over 12 years at the time of the settlement. He chose to settle his case to take a lump sum and control his medical treatment as he was approaching the end of the PTD payments.

Settlement against third party vendor after 42 year old maintenance manager fell from flat bed truck causing shoulder injury requiring multiple surgeries including total joint replacement.

57 year old self employed skilled laborer suffered a disc herniation requiring surgery and subsequently developed foot drop.

54 year old transport driver sustained herniated disc injuries in her low back when she was involved in an on- the-job motor vehicle accident. In addition to resolving the underlying accident claim for the available $50,000.00 insurance policy limits, this settlement agreement was reached after the driver was declared permanently and totally disabled by the Court at trial of the workers compensation claim.

57 year old man involved in side swipe accident sustained spinal injuries requiring a minimally invasive disc decompression surgical procedure.


This client needed to be fully functional so that he could continue to work in a strenuous job to support his wife. He elected to have a lumbar laminectomy after injections and physical therapy failed to give him lasting improvement.

50 year old nurse accepted as permanently and totally disabled due to disc pathology from a lifting injury requiring surgery and pain management treatment.


After a terrible accident where he was hit by a dump truck, this man had to have a lumbar disc decompression after chiropractic conservative care failed to alleviate his symptoms. After the accident, his Employer failed to give him treatment or pay his lost wages, so he retained our firm to help him with that as well. We got his lost wages paid for over 6 months and got his treatment authorized. He decided to settle his workers compensation claim at the same time as his personal injury claim because the doctors that workers compensation authorized were terrible and essentially just wanted to do what was best for his employer and his carrier. We were able to get the work comp carrier to waive their $30,000 lien on his settlement proceeds in addition to the workers comp lump sum settlement. This hard working man was very happy with the results that we achieved and promised to refer our firm to anyone he meets who needs help with a workers compensation, personal injury or social security disability matter.

57 year old female truck driver fell from truck and sustained left shoulder and hand injuries which led to the development of RSD. She was declared permanently and totally disabled by the Court following a trial. The settlement agreement was reached after the injured worker had received PTD benefits for over 4 years.

38 year old woman suffered 2 non-surgical disc herniations in her neck following a low speed rear end motor vehicle accident.

54 year old skilled laborer suffered cervical disc herniation requiring surgery.

56 year old truck driver declared permanently and totally disabled due to disc pathology in the neck and back and psychiatric difficulties.


The insurance company offered this client $500 for his injuries and he is so thankful that he did not take it! He sustained multiple disc herniations in this accident and required a cervical discectomy and fusion surgery so that he could get back to his active lifestyle. He tried cervical radiofrequency ablation and injections, but they failed to improve his symptoms.


This client was involved in a freak accident where a piece of construction material flew off the vehicle in front of him and came through the front windshield of the van he was driving, pinning his shoulder to the seat. He sustained tears in his shoulder and had to have shoulder surgery. He also injured his neck and had to have ESI injections. Due to the nature of the accident, he was dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and had to treat with a psychologist. We were also able to get him paid lost wages under workers compensation, get his shoulder surgeries authorized and obtain authorization of the psychologist for him. When he felt he was ready to part ways with workers compensation and treat on his own through other sources, we settled his work comp claim for him for an amount which made him comfortable.


After trying physical therapy for several weeks with no improvement, this client had to have a lumbar decompression surgery to alleviate his pain for a herniated disc. He wanted to get back to his active lifestyle. The surgery was successful and we got his case settled shortly thereafter, making him a very happy camper.

This client and his wife were sightseeing in St. Augustine while on vacation, when they were suddenly and unexpectedly rear-ended at 55 miles per hour by the Defendant driver who was apparently distracted. The force of the collision was so great that he fracture two of his teeth and also injured his neck and back. He was eventually diagnosed with a disc herniation and had to have neck surgery. We obtained this settlement for him within 8 months from the date he chose our firm to represent him.

25 year old woman sustained back injury when struck by a motorist on an interstate highway whole the motorist was utilizing a cellular phone.


This client was in a very bad T-bone collision and had to have spine surgery afterwards, but didn’t think he could collect any damages for his injury. He waited over 18 months to retain our firm, but we were able to gather the records and bills, expedited a demand and get his case resolved within 2 months. We were even able to uncover an excess policy and get him an additional $50,000.00 for his damages. This client was thrilled with the result we achieved for him in such a short period of time.

43 year old disabled woman with pre-existing spinal condition involved in minor rear end motor vehicle accident which aggravated her pre-existing condition and required multi-level neck fusion surgery.

49 year old delivery driver struck by stray bullet fired by bar patron requiring two knee surgeries settled claim with shopping center owner.

73 year old woman involved in a motor vehicle intersection collision fractured her non-dominant arm requiring surgery.

41 year old laborer suffered an ulnar nerve injury to his right hand when he fell from a scaffold.

20 year old Florida resident involved in rear-end motor vehicle accident in North Carolina requiring back surgery.

Settlement against third party company that shared warehouse with employer of 60 year old warehouse manager struck by forklift and suffered non-surgical pelvic and leg injuries.

46 year old woman struck by drunk driver suffered shoulder injury requiring surgery.

49 year old woman sustained labral tear in her left shoulder which required surgery.

32 year old delivery truck driver suffered non-surgical neck injuries when his truck was rear-ended by an automobile.

49 year old law enforcement officer involved in accident while off duty suffered a torn labrum in his left shoulder requiring arthroscopic surgery.

61 year old man involved in two motor vehicle accidents within six weeks of each other suffered aggravation to pre-existing condition to his spine and shoulder.

22 year old factory worker suffered right hand and arm crush injury in a factory equipment accident.

42 year old man involved in side swipe auto accident suffered herniated disc in low back which did not require surgery.

The 60 year old warehouse manager injured in the forklift accident settled the workers compensation portion of her claim which also included waiver of the workers compensation insurance carrier's lien against the third party settlement. She also qualified for Social Security Disability benefits.


Our client was a passenger in a severe impact collision and sustained a concussion as well as a disc herniation in back as a result of the accident. She had to have some injections to relieve her back pain and get back to her normal activities as a vivacious college student.

37 year old man struck by garbage truck backing at low speed. Developed mass on back requiring surgery.

67 year old woman tripped in fell in alley and suffered knee injury requiring surgery.

This client was so thrilled that she hired Gibbons and Gibbons to represent her on her personal injury case. She sustained disc herniations in her neck and back as s result of a rear-end collision caused by an uninsured driver in Tampa. She went to therapy and was recommended for injections. When she got the news that her case was settled for the policy limits so quickly, she was so surprised that she began to cry.

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