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"My overall experience with this firm was excellent. The staff was attentive to my needs and always ensured that my questions were answered throughout the entirety of my case. Attorney Gibbons fought aggressively on my behalf and I could not be any happier with the outcome of my case. Thank you all for your hard work! I will be sure to recommend Gibbons and Gibbons to friends and family alike for any of their legal needs."
- Jorge A.
"They have been my life line during very stressful times in my life. Love there friendly approach to all of my situations that have arisen. Thank you from my family to yours!! Best attorneys without a doubt!!"
- Mami C.
"I am very thankful for the service they gave. This firm was always on top of everything. They called or emailed me with the updates on my case, responded rapidly, very friendly and professional. I really do recommend this firm to represent anyone. Thank you for the wonderful service Gibbons and Gibbons."
- Robert P.
"I was having such a hard time after my accident and these people made such a huge difference for me. They fought for me to get the best care and the best settlement. I can’t say how grateful I am to their team. Will definitely recommend to anyone that wants an attentive, caring, and aggressive legal team!"
- Alexia S.
"I am so grateful for the day I received their flyer in the mail. My case was at a dead end with my previous lawyer. Steve took my case over and settled my case in less than 6 months. I was dealing with the previous attorney for almost a year. Thank you Gibbons and Gibbons your professionalism and talent is greatly appreciated."
- Tasha W.
"Gibbons and Gibbons and staff handled my claim with care and professionalism. I am a Florida Attorney (yes attorneys hire attorneys) that does not reside in the St. Pete area, and they handled my PI claim and got great results for me. They listened to my exact needs and really handled it timely and also addressed outstanding out of pocket expenses for me, which is another plus that many other law firms do not do. They also tell you realistic results and you speak to the actual attorneys handling your case, which is better than other large PI firms where you may not even personally speak to the attorney. This is really important when dealing with these types of claims and I would highly recommend their firm for any future issues. I am very thankful."
- Ali H.
"A friend of mine needed a Attorney for a accident she was involved in. She knew that I had used Lynn Gibbons at Gibbons and Gibbons and asked me if I would recommend Lynn. My experience with Ms. Gibbons was excellent. Lynn and her staff were great. They helped me through a very hard time in my life. Lynn set up all my medical visits with excellent doctors, went to depositions and a final hearing with me. She settled my claim quickly and expertly. I would highly recommend Lynn and her firm."
- LJ M.
"My Name is Jennifer Cassaro I am really not the type to leave reviews however I am going to take my time to share my experience with this firm.
I had an accident back in March before this whole Covid pandemic started but in the beginning of it.
My accident occurred at work and I won’t give any details on it as to where and when and how it happened.
I had gotten a recommendation of an attorney from a coworker of mine and since I really didn’t have any experience of how these things work I decided to go with that recommendation.
Worst decision of my life.
This recommended attorney kept me in the dark about a lot of things almost 6 months went by.... no updates... no calls... when I called them they were like “Oh yes we are just missing a document..” so I was like...
-“ok, what is it?” And ultimately had to do most of their work and it was horrible. HORRIBLE.
I remembered I had gotten a letter in the mail from Gibbons and Gibbons firm and my oldest daughter told me to give them a call now that this other attorney wasn’t doing anything. It wasn’t that much of a complicated case so I couldn’t figure out why it was taking so long.
So I figured I’d give them a call.
Now most attorneys kinda brush you off specially if your case isn’t that “Big” of a case.
Everyone on this team helped me understand what was happening. I’m no Lawyer and things can get complicated to understand and they broke it down to me. They helped me get a lot more than I intended fighting for me and getting everything I was entitled to. I’m a single mother of two girls who’s father passed away and trust me every cent matters and counts SPECIALLY during these times.
So if you see any bad reviews on here pay them NO MIND everyone’s experience is different and I can’t see how their experience was so “bad” when mine was perfect. Just doesn’t make sense.
This firm is GREAT and exceeded ALL of my expectations and more.
Thank you to Erin and Olimpia for being on point with it all.
Thank you to Mrs. Lynn Gibbons who was great and reached out to me several times letting me know that she was gonna fight for me and to be patient that she would make it worth it and to the entire Gibbons & Gibbons family.
My family Thanks you SO MUCH from thr bottom of our hearts.
I will recommend this firm 1000 times if I have to to everyone I know. (Which is a lot of people)
- J Michelle
"I called several local lawyers before contacting Gibbons and Gibbons. My conversations with them left me feeling defeated before I even got started. I called Gibbons and Gibbons and they gave me so much information and spent so much time talking to me before I even signed with them. I have been so pleased with their handling of my case. It is still ongoing and the stress of knowing how one sided the worker's comp system actually is makes me that much more grateful that they are always there with answers to my questions.....and promptly. I waited too long before getting them involved because I thought all doctor's had my welfare in mind, even though they were hired by worker's comp. Couldn't be further from the truth."
- Sue J.
"Absolutely one of the smartest calls I've made in a long time. I've would of been left high and dry with NO compensation and no medical help/assistance without contacting Katelyn. She really cared for my well being and left me without worry during process. Within a week of my call I was seen by orthopedic Doctor and shortly thereafter had MRI that showed considerable damage. It was still like pulling teeth trying to get my ex employer to step up. With Katelyn applying pressure they had no choice to make things right! Happy to say that my injuries will be taken care of and hoping to get back in the saddle in no time. Thanks for the great teamwork Gibbons and Gibbons, you all have made a great difference for me."
- Chris B.
"Very good to people. Can not say that about all Attorneys! Staff is AMAZING!,PATIENT & KIND.They go out of their way to help in any way that they can they don't just Shuffle you through as another person, as another paycheck. There kind to their clients. They treat people as human beings. "That I have found these days is an extreme Rarity! " Not just with companies but with one on one human-to-human contact. Every person that you come in contact will do everything they can to help you with whatever they can from the smallest thing to the largest thing. I appreciate every bit of their help!"
- Tamra S.
"Feel like I'm in great hands with them. Their staff answered all questions and they have already taken stress from me. They helped me notify the Companies that are sending me bills from my car accident."
-Kim M.
"Lynn Gibbons is an extremely knowledgeable attorney. I chose Lynn because she is very experienced with social security and worker’s compensation. Lynn has helped me to receive wage compensation, home modifications, equipment and needed medical care which included several surgeries and procedures.

Lynn has been my attorney for over 4 years. In those 4 years, Lynn had to deal with expert medical advisors, independent medical examinations, depositions, petitions and mediations. Lynn took time to explain the process of dealing with a reluctant insurance company and why certain approvals could take time.

I rate Lynn and her staff at Gibbons and Gibbons excellent at communicating in a timely manner. This includes contacting the opposing attorney, requesting medical records, filing court documents, scheduling court dates and keeping me in the loop.

Lynn Gibbons has empathy and great determination to help her clients. Lynn is competent and very credible because she knows the law."
- Vern S.
"Excellent Law Firm, They handled my case professionally through out the entire process. Communicated with every step of the way. I will definitely use and refer Gibbons and Gibbons to all my friends. A+ Law Firm! Thank You."
- Joecephus J.
"After careful selection, the Gibbons and Gibbons Law Firm proved superior. Attorney Gibbons and support staff were professional and genuine. I will and have recommended their services to others."
- Russell Reed Foundation Channel
"My experience with this law firm was superb! They were extremely timely and made sure to keep me up to date throughout the entire process!

Would definitely recommend to my friends and family."
- HighPILOT Stone
"From the time that I called you guys it wasn't but a day later that someone came to my house we filled out some stuff we talked I had confidence in you guys and every time I needed you guys you were there for me you made my appointment Olivia was just unreal she listened to my wine and my complaining my old man sells maybe in that way and Grady he was straight up with me he talked to me the way I wanted to be talked to and I hope that I never have to do this again but if it I do I will be calling you guys thank you so much I hope all of you have a very blessed life thank you so much."
- Andy M.
"These attorneys did a great job on my car injury case. I would highly recommend them."
- Cindy T.
"Excellent group of attorneys that are caring and professional, a group that bats for their client so that the client may not have to worry about anything but consantrate on getting well"
- Dennise W.

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